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Business Consultancy & Coaching 

Consultation - 50 EUR / h

For more complex services please contact us 

Establishing Company

Assistance with establishing a company in Estonia online (using ID or e-residency card) - 150 EUR* or you can do it yourself using our video-instruction 

Assistance with establishing a company via notary - 450 EUR*

*Prices do not include state fees, notary services, translation of official documents etc 

State fee for establishing OÜ (Ltd) in 2023 is 265 EUR.

Company Liquidation

Prices starting from 250.- Price depends on the type of entity (micro/small/middle/group). For more details please contact us


Assistance with submitting e-residency form online - 50 EUR 

Consultation regarding e-residency - 50 EUR / h 

Real Estate 

Exclusive commercial and residential properties for sale. For me info please contact us 


Ready databases of suppliers and customers. For me info please contact us 


Sales / purchase manager service is regularly charged based on commission, exact amount depends case by case. For more information please contact us 

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