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Establishing company

Establishing company 

We provide service of opening a company in Estonia. We can assist you with establishing a company in Estonia online or at notary office.

For prices please follow the link

Tutorial  (COMING SOON)

If you are already having an Estonian ID card or Estonian E-residency card or Latvian, Belgium or Finnish ID, you may open a company yourself. We have prepared a tutorial video for you with all needed sample documents, please follow the link (COMING SOON).

Why to establish a company in Estonia?

 + European company

 + No annual income tax (income tax paid on profit distribution)

 + Less bureaucracy

 + Easy online establishing system, 100% online accountancy,

online declarations and online commercial register 

 - There might be difficulties with opening a bank account if company's

business is not related to Estonia  

For information regarding e-residency please follow the link 

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