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How to declare a share capital contribution (manual)

Once a company is established, OÜ-s owners or his/her accountant needs to declare a share capital in the system of Tax Authorities.

The reason why such an obligation is in place is quite logical: if the owner decides to close the company one day, this money can be sent back to the company's owner without any additional taxes.

It is done in a very simple way, manual below:

  1. You need to enter system:

2. make sure you are entered as a business person

3. choose TSD declaration

4. add new, choose year & month when share capital was contributed

5. click on Appendix number 7

6. fill in the line number " 7030 " (add here the amount of share capital contributed), clock on Save and go back

7. submit the declaratiobn

8. It was that simple, DONE!

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