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Instruction on the compilation of the annual report for company with 0 activities.

How to compile an annual report independently if there were no activities? Step by step instructions below:

  • You need to go to the commercial register website

  • click Annual Reports

  • click Add new report

  • choose a company

  • recheck the period for which the report is provided (the reporting period is specified in the Statute)

  • choose Annual report (if it is a regular report, not related to liquidation)

  • recheck the size of the enterprise (you can click on the information icon "i" - it will be indicated in more detail)

  • click add (Add new report)

  • Next, fill in the balance sheet. It can be found in the form "Filling in reporting forms". If there were no activities in the company, then we simply copy last year's figures into this year's column.

  • Next, we should fill in the income statement - everything is 0 here if there was no activity.

  • Fill in notes to the report. For example, in the case of a micro-enterprise, only 3 notes are mandatory: accounting policies, labor expenses, related parties.

  • Click Back to the main view of the report

  • Fill in breakdown of sales revenue

  • Click Continue to the next step

  • Click Generate the final PDF

  • Click Send the report to signing

  • Click on Digital signing of the report (if it is possible to sign with a digital signature)

  • Click Continue to the next step

  • Filling in Proposal for profit distribution/covering loss

  • Click Submit the report to the register

Ready! If technically something went wrong, the system will give you a warning.

Good luck!

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