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We can assist you with submitting e-residency form, consult regarding e-residency and possibilities for business in Estonia. Our prices can be found here.

Why e-residency and why Estonia? 

The biggest advantage of having a company in Estonia is taxation. There is no annual income tax on profit. Income tax shall be paid only if profit distributed (for tax amount see calculator). Please note that income tax liability may occur in other country if your business complies with permanent establishment criteria. Income tax will be not paid double as Estonia is having double-taxation avoidance conventions with most of countries.  

Another advantage is paperless and online environment which is saving much time. 

One of the biggest disadvantages might be impossibility of opening a local bank account (unless your business is connected to Estonia, i.e. having local office, employees, sales transactions etc). 

Documents needed

In order to become an e-resident you will need:

  • A copy of your government-issued ID

  • A passport-style digital photo

  • Motivation statement


Pay state fee and receive confirmation email after successfully submitting.

State fee: €100 (pick-up in Estonia) or €120 (pick-up abroad). 

OKS fees - see here.

Estonian Police & Border Guard Board conducts background check and will notify you by email when process is complete. Process: 3-8 weeks.

If granted e-Residency, you will be invited to:

  • Collect e-Residency kit at location selected on your application

  • Bring government-issued ID submitted with application

  • Submit fingerprints


For application follow this link.

If you would like us to assist you in this matter, please contact us. OKS fees - see here​.

Establish a company 

After picking up your e-Residency kit, you will be able to start you company. We have prepared online tutorial video on how to establish a company online with all needed document samples. For more information see here

If you would like to have a personal assistance with company establishments, please contact us. Our fees can be found here​.

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