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How to Open a Company in Estonia online

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A step-by-step manual on how to open a company via the e-commercial register portal online. Open a company within 30 min! This e-course also contains information regarding obligatory reporting of private limited companies as well as the basics of taxation. From the video regarding OÜ opening (about 30 minutes) you will learn: - what is a reasonable amount of share capital, - what is reserve capital and is it needed? - how can you sell a company in the future without a notary, - in addition, you will receive very precise instructions on how to fill in the statute and other items in lines of the application. In the bonus video you will learn: - what kind of reporting is mandatory (for example, annual reports, tax declarations, etc.), - for how long do documents need to be kept? - what are the main declarations in Estonia, - deadlines for submitting reports and declarations, - basic taxes in Estonia, - which expenses are not taxed, - which taxes are related to fringe benefits, expenses not related to business, and car etc. Perfect for beginners! Customer review: “I watched the vide and it seems to me that in 20 minutes I have received more information on how to register a company than during my entrepreneurship courses, although I spent a lot of time in the business register portal myself.” Please note that this e-course does not contain instructions for non-monetary contributions & share premium transactions.

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